Ever wonder how your company’s benefit package stacks up against the competition?

Wonder if you are allocating your benefits budget in the most economical and smart way?

Wonder if you are paying too much for your company’s health insurance plan and other benefits?

We can answer those questions and more with our fast and easy benefits check-up. You will get a comprehensive benchmark report plus recommendations you can implement now to make your benefits package competitive OR maybe you are doing a great job – we’ll tell you that too!

Full Benchmark, Market Pricing, Benefit Analysis and Recommendations Report

Your Full Employer Report includes:

  • Group health insurance benchmark report which includes data from 40,000 companies nationwide specific to your industry range, company size and region.
  • Market pricing of your current employee benefits with comparable benefits.
  • Summary analysis with interpretation of data.
  • Recommendations
  • ACA Checklist-group size specific

Mini Benchmark

Find out how your company’s health insurance benefit package stacks up against the competition. Simply fill out the contact form and we will send you a short questionnaire to plot five data points for your group health insurance plan including:

  • Deductible
  • Coinsurance
  • Out of Pocket Maximum
  • Office Visit Copay
  • Prescription Drug Coverage

Your benchmark report will be based on 2018 data from more than 40,000 companies nationwide and will be sorted by company size, industry and location. The mini-benchmark does not include data from other benefits such as dental, disability or life insurance. The mini-benchmark does not include interpretation of data, analysis and benefit market pricing and recommendations. For a complete analysis, market pricing and recommendations, you may purchase our full bench-marking report.