Hi, I’m Barbara Schlaefer, founder and president of J.C. Rose Associates. When potential clients ask me, “Why should we work with you?” My answer is simple and always the same “Work with us because we care.” We care about your company and its success. We treat it like it is our own. Sure, we have all the tools, technology and expertise you would want to manage your employee benefit plans and HR needs. Honestly, a lot of people probably do. Are they going to tailor make a plan for you and your goals and budget? Are they going to listen to your unique story and solve issues before they become headaches? That’s what I want to know when I work with an advisor and I am pretty sure you feel the same way.

One of our clients recently said, “When you walk into our company, our employees recognize you. It’s like you are one of our staff, a trusted friend.”

Other clients have said they know we will be responsive and get things done and on time for them. When we put together a plan for you and make recommendations, our first thought is, “Is this what we would do for our own company?” “Is this how we would communicate to our employees?”

Your success at attracting and retaining good employees is our number one goal for you. It’s really that simple.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Hi, I’m Bart Pukowiec. I head up the customer service department at JC Rose Associates. Making employee benefits simple and easy is what we do. Whether we are implementing a technology for your human resources need or helping to get a claim paid for one our employees, no issue is really too big or too small for us. If you care about it, we work hard to resolve any situation. We know you are smart and savvy enough to know that you shouldn’t do it all yourself and that is where we come in. We will help you keep organized, on budget and up on regulatory issue to stay out of hot water.

Our customers rest easy knowing we will keep their business needs at the forefront and their employees educated and happy.  They also know providing employee benefits and health insurance in an affordable and meaningful way is no easy task and that is why they rely on our expertise.  I guess that’s why they think of us as more than insurance agents.  We are their employee benefits team plus a whole lot more.  This why we say JC Rose Associates makes employee benefits and HR support easy!

Do you have questions about employee benefits, HR and payroll? We make it easy for you!

We make you look good and feel good about your business. We will help you keep organized, on budget and out of hot water with regulatory entities. Most importantly, we will help you keep your employees happy.


We understand your needs, and we know that you often wear more than one hat. That’s why we offer a list of comprehensive services.